Hi there ,

Steelfingers was founded in 2014 for climbers and athletes who want to push their limits and achieve more in a healthy and efficient way. Lack of decent coaching and correct training technique is prevalent in the climbing world and leads to injuries such as pulley strains, golfers elbow and rotator cuff issues.

A couple of climbers decided to gather their knowledge and started training in a more scientific way to reduce the chance of injury and improve the efficiency of their workout. All those exercises soon became a big bundle and a website was the next logical step. Through this website we will help people who want to train better and smarter. We hope that Steelfingers can become a community of like minded people sharing their knowledge so others can benefit and reach their targets.


Our goal is to create a giant database filled with relevant information for climbers and athletes of all levels. A website filled with exercises ranging from all-round body strength to functional finger training and stretching routines. On top of all that we hope to offer informative articles written by professionals on nutrition, taping etc. Quarterly interviews with renowned athletes and Bleausards with their personal views and advice on climbing.

We chose an open community platform where people have the possibility to contribute. Everybody who has good information on exercises or other aspects of a healthy living can fill in a form and send us their input, a team of physical trainers, physiotherapist, dietitians and others will then review these exercises and articles so we can assure all information is  correct and up to date.


In time we hope to answer all your questions about training sane so your workout becomes more efficient and beneficial. We hope this positive attitude towards training and climbing will motivate many people across the globe to reach for their goals and stay injury free! Everyone that has found their way to this community can help us grow by sending us their advice and information, so even more people can achieve their dream project.


How do i use this website
First you start out by picking a category.For instance if today you would like to do some “stability” training just click on the top menu “stability” and click on one of the rectangles and pick an exercise. Another way to work is, if you would like to do a “campus” session, just fill in the word “campus” in the search box top right. Now all the “campus” exercises will pop up on your screen, and your ready to go.
I have a good exercise or article and i want to share it with Steelfingers.
Great! This is the way Steelfingers works. We welcome people like you who have good and constructive ideas to help our database grow. All you have to do is to fill in the form and we will find the right person to fully work out your idea. Thank you!
I think i found a mistake in an article.
Sorry about that. We strive for a database of exercises and articles that contains the correct information, but of course here and there we could have slipped up. Please send us your remarks trough this form and we will check it.
Is it possible to get coaching by Steelfingers?
On a regular basis we organize follow-up sessions. Here we will screen you and give you a 6 week training schedule that helps you work on your weaknesses and tells you how to further improve your strengths. We also organize clinics about subjects as route-setting, competition training, etc… You can find all the info about our clinics on the Clinics page.