4 x 4




  • Moderate

Muscles Involved

  • N/A


  • Climbing wall

Remark or addition


  • 4x4 training is THE best power endurance training you can do.
  • Choose 4 boulder problems that are around your flash grade and make sure you can finish the problems or just fall at the end of your 4th lap.
  • You will climb each boulder problem four times in a row,with a maximum of 1 minute rest in between laps.
  • After your 4th lap on problem 1, rest 3 minutes and move on to the second boulder problem.
  • Climb all four of the boulders you picked one by one.

Points of attention

  • Be sure to pick a mix of boulder types (overhang, roof, slab and wall) with various types of handholds (sloper, pocket, crimp and pinches) and be sure to add 2 boulders that emphasize on your personal weaknesses.
  • If you fall of a problem early due to faulty technique, jump back on and finish the problem.
  • If you fall early in the first moves due to tiredness, you might consider picking an easier boulder.