Finger lift




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Muscles Involved

  • Fingers


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To increase the range of motion and flexibility in your fingers it helps to do simple exercises and stretches. They do not take a huge amount of time or focus and can be executed in your car, office or any place you have some spare time. By performing these exercises you prevent the joints in your fingers of getting osteoarthritis or controlling any signs of osteoarthritis.

One of these exercises is the finger lift.When you are climbing your fingers always execute downward forces . By doing this exercise the muscles in your hands and forearms will be trained in opposite direction which helps to prevent injuries and increase motion and flexibility of the fingers.

  • Place your hand flat with the palm down on a flat surface.
  • Gently lift one finger at a time of the table and then slowly move it back down.
  • Repeat between 9 - 14 times on each hand.

Points of attention

  • Do not pull your fingers up with your other hand. This will not train the muscles in the hands and forearms but will just perform a stretch.
  • Focus on holding your fingers steady in stead of starting high and ending low. Quality over quantity!