Published on
May 10, 2014

2 years of ideas and hard work have come to a first milestone. Join us in a quest to train in the most healthy way possible!

Yes!! After 2 years of hard work on this exciting project, trying to fit it in to our full time schedules of training, working and traveling we managed to finish the website. We could emphasize on how hard it was doing this with 2 people, but with some help from friends here and there we managed to pull it of.Through this website we will help people who want to train better and smarter. We hope that Steelfingers can become a real community of sharing knowledge on training and smart lifestyle.

Hopefully the database with information on training will grow steadily into a “wiki-like” size, filled with exercises ranging from all-round body strength to functional finger training and stretching routines. So over time this site can answer all your questions about training so your workout becomes more efficient and beneficial. We hope this positive attitude towards training and climbing will motivate many people across the globe to reach for their goals and stay injury free! Everyone that has found their way to this community can help us grow by sending us their advice and information, so even more people can achieve their dream project.