Front plank




  • Light

Muscles Involved

  • Abs
  • Lats
  • Shoulders
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes


Remark or addition


  • Hold a straight body position, supported on elbows and toes.
  • Brace the abs, and tighten your lower back.
  • The aim is to hold this position, keeping the upper spine extended, for an increasing length of time up to a maximum of 60 secs.
  • Aim for 3 sets.

Points of attention

  • Keep shoulders,back and chest out.
  • If you notice your lower back is sagging down, stop the exercise immediately.

Progression Ladder

  • On your elbows.
  • On hands.
  • Your hands placed in front of your head.
  • On one hand and one leg.