Reverse crunch




  • Light

Muscles Involved

  • Abs


Remark or addition


  1. Assume the basic crunch position, but lift your legs into the air. You can lower your arms to the floor, alongside your torso, to help with balance.
  2. Squeeze your lower abdomen to lift your extended legs straight up into the air. Your pelvis should leave the floor, but the rest of your back should remain firmly flattened against the floor. You can squeeze your lower abdominal muscle as tight as you can for a few seconds with each crunch.
  3. Perform  3 sets of 10 to 15 reverse crunches to start, and increase your repetitions as your muscles gain strength.

Points of attention

  • Don’t use momentum to move your legs.  Keep your movements slow and controlled.
  • Don’t hold your breath.  There are big benefits to breathing in and out while your abs are under strain.
  • Do not tuck your chin to your chest.

Progression Ladder

  • Increase your reps as you gain strength.