Isolated finger stretch




  • Moderate

Muscles Involved

  • Fingers


  • N/A

Remark or addition


Stretching the tendon of each finger individually will result in a heavy and deep going stretch. Build this up very slowly and don't pull your fingers to hard! Don't perform this stretch directly after a training as your tendons and muscles need time to restore from the training.

  • Stretch your arm right in front of you with the palm of your hand facing upwards.
  • Stretch your fingers and take one finger with your other hand.
  • Gently start pulling the finger down (not to hard) until you feel a light stretch in your the lower part of your finger closest to your hand.
  • After 8 seconds the light stretch should be softened down a bit and you can pull a little bit harder during 8 more seconds.
  • After that you slightly let lose the tension until your finger is back in normal position (this should take around 8 more seconds).

Points of attention

Aggressive or hurried stretching can damage muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves, so stretch slowly and with caution.